Summary of Route 76 Bike Trip

Dear Trevolta followers, cyclists, photographers, and adventure seekers of any kind,


From Yorktown, VA, to the beautiful Alice Lloyd College in Pippa Passes, KY; my self-supported, cross-country, bike trip ended up being 650 miles rather than 4,300.   By no means was this trip a failure; people plan this trip for years and years.  The smallest amount of planning my Mom read about was 18 months.  I started rolling away after 3 months of even making the decision to bike the Adventure Cycling Association’s Trans American Route 76.  The teeth on the rear cassette of my mountain bike were being filed down by the weight and intensity of this particular set up, turns out that’s normal.  There are infinite lessons and stories just bursting from the seems of this trip.


As the gears wore down, climbing VA’s mountain roads became dangerous as my peddles skipped out from under me with every push.  The trucks (land sharks) infested these roads, being the ultimate test of mental capability until my bike failed me. The chain was constantly busting out of the teeth (despite many, many adjustments).  The chain problems combined with thousands of 80,000lb dinosaurs (semi trucks) zooming 2 feet away from your body at 60mph was enough for a while.  Most of the roads were peaceful, but getting to those meant being prepared for the worst.

DSCN6829 (Bandages unrelated to biking in sandals (Chacos), which were for keeping feet as dry as possible)

I will go again in an ultra lightweight fashion to campaign a “Bike for All Cures,” message.  One of my life goals is to promote the fact that all disease stems from inflammation and how to prevent and reverse inflammation with gradual lifestyle changes and specific products like this NASA studied Mineral supplement.


It was no longer feasible to use a mountain bike (initially chosen for sturdiness to withstand gravel and pot-holes). Using my 17 lb Fuji road bike is much more realistic.  The trip is supposed to take 3 months or else you will start having to plan for colder weather, so getting 60 miles each day is important.  I went home to Richmond, VA to continue the exploration of health through yoga.  As a new yogi, the contrast from such extreme cardio throughout my young life has been euphoric.


The main reason people die on extreme adventures is the thought that they can overcome powers of nature (National Geographic Live!: The Call of Everest). The main reason people live is being humble enough to know when to stop. As hard as swallowing your pride can be, it’s harder to have to deal with the realities of truly fucking up.


Emma Raineyll


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Cheley Series


These pieces reflect Cheley Colorado Camps’ ability to cultivate gratitude for how simplicity can have such a high quality. They are made with water-color, ink, memories, a box filled to the brim with letters and pictures developed from disposable cameras. It would be great to have a platform on which to make good prints of them and sell to Cheley campers and art lovers. I would love to make more of this style.


Time spent at Cheley Colorado Camps is the most integrative of a person’s life. All of the different creative cravings are satiated in Estes Park, CO. Feeling all of the textures of the Rocky Mountains changes you forever, literally charging you with minerals to come back for more. Cheley has a mentality of responsible adventure, back-boned by the good habits of sustainable living, double-dipped in laughter; all qualities that I strive to incorporate in this art series.



The piece, below, is from a sea-side cliff in CA, but it has a similar style to all of the others which are inspired by Colorado.CAcoast

I have also explored an oil based, very colorful style (seen below), but do not have the funding to get the time to finish the first piece. It would be beautiful to get some other Rocky Mountains in these vibrant, textured colors.  I’ve started a kickstarter herenotfinishedlongs

It would be great to add color to the following pieces:

art 020twice

These pieces would do very nicely as print on high quality paper:


(Mummy Range, above, drawn entirely on actual hike, will post bigger picture).art-00622

(Will find better version of Long’s peak, above).3MTedited

I would like to pull colorful ideas from my photographs of the Appalachian mountains during the self-sustained route 76 bicycle trip last summer. And I have yet to post about my study abroad trips to Antarctica and New Zealand. The main purpose of these trips have been to explore how much one person can realistically do to help sustain earth’s resources.  Moving closer to VCU in downtown Richmond, VA will help immensely with exploration of this topic.

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17 Reasons to Use Relay Foods

Click here for some big-ass coupons.

To give you an idea of how well rounded of a mission Relay Foods has, here are some motivating reasons to try grocery shopping on  (Btw, I am not getting paid for this, I simply believe in Relay’s mission).   Relaying fresh products from local farmers and artisans to the city is the most efficient way to:


photo source 

1) Directly support and enhance your community.

2) Reduce those unnecessary, hungry-while-shopping items as you shop online for exactly what you need.

3) Practice and increase your capacity to organize and plan meals out for the week.

4) Stick to your health goals, especially with the online meal planning and recipe ordering features.

5) Enjoy high quality without having to go to specialty stores that hike up the prices.

6) Reduce germ transmission during traditional grocery cart and product handling.

7) Reduce unknowns about your product; learn about your local producers and Relay’s standards for selecting them.

8) Find items according to your dietary needs and restrictions through search results rather than roaming isles and doubling back.

9) Increase your body’s ability to adapt it’s immunity by balancing foreign input and local input.

10) Enjoy incredibly fresh produce.

11) Reduce food spoilage and waste in your own home and at the supply center.

12) Reduce controversial and illegal dumpster diving practices.

13) Reduce energy costs built into the price of your product.

14) Get a little fresh air while picking up your groceries.

15) Reduce carbon footprint.

16) Reduce smog in your community when you choose your most convenient day of the week and pick up location combo.

17) Find piece of mind as you participate in such a well rounded food movement.

Click here for some big-ass coupons. Continue reading

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Relay Foods!

$30 Off a $50 Order!

Check-out online through the link

RelayTruckPicture(credit appears when $50 in basket)

Richmond, Charlottesville, VA, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding areas.

Send friends and family this same offer!

Highest quality, most sustainable, most convenient way to buy food. Seriously.

(You have pre-decided on your balanced meals from a wide range of options online.  All you have to do is pick up your minimally handled, well kept groceries).


5% off 2nd order “twice”

“chocolove” for a free chocolate bar

10% off 3rd order “really”

15% off 4th order “love”

I believe in the mission of Relay Foods.  The younger generations will benefit greatly from this style of grocery shopping.  It is the most efficient way to simultaneously preserve food itself, enrich a community, and sustain the Earth’s resources. – Well, um, ME!


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House Disasters

Over a year ago, there was a medium sized storm that hit a few places in Richmond hard and left the rest untouched. One of the places hit hard, was my art storage room.  I thought nature was forcing me to give up on my dream, then I realized it was just making me work harder for it.



My art was in this room:




Eight months later, a hot water pipe on the top floor busted loose and drenched the whole house in HOT water. More art that was stored in cardboard folders was lost. Pictures of this disaster coming soon.  My parents got their insurance money and rebuild the house twice. I was off at college, unaware of how much of my art and belongings were destroyed.  I was not included in the meetings regarding these disasters.


After all this, I’ve decided it would be best to keep art in proper containers and to use oil paints more often. I am trying to repurpose my family’s old frames, but taking apart these tightly bound frames really takes up some time. I need to buy the time to get originals into these frames, so they can be properly protected. Please let me know if you’d like to support my Integrative Medical Communications Design career. It will be well worth it!

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Soul Pasta

Many people have aversions to foods and don’t know which ones, why, or how to get rid of them. Attitudes in the present moment can be caused by a certain food recently eaten that was also eaten during a particularly mind-shaping experience from our past. We naturally pair experiences together for the sake of learning and creating a future. If something of note happened during childhood, we’re prooobably not going to remember what we were eating at that time. If we eat new things, or eat with a new attitude, it could help us dissociate from past attachments.


We had a stressful bodily reaction for the sake of self preservation, and at the same time, certain molecules were incorporated into our cells from the foods eaten around that time. Far down the road we will eat a similar substance and have confusion and self doubt over misunderstood emotional responses. We can use this information to recognize which foods cause us changes in mood. We have an opportunity to blame a bad feeling on a food. We can recognize that this aversion is entirely unrelated to the present moment. We are no longer in danger, we have just been conditioned to create a fight-or-flight response. Once we completely detach our emotions from our food, we can use food simply as fuel once again.


Today, it is still difficult to eat things that you are no longer emotionally associating with. Many aspects of food production are not sustainable and can also cause a sense of guilt, deterrence, and distaste. The solution may simply be to involve yourself in some acts of sustainability and let go of everything else beyond your control. Keep sustainability in mind, but also keep yourself in mind. Maybe praying or celebrating your food with a song or photograph will allow a sense of relief to come over your soul and, therefore, your physical body.

Eat easy my friends. ❤

The pasta in the pictures include:
Explore Asian Black Bean Spaghetti
Shown is raw, but best would be lightly sautéed garlic, onion, and cumin seeds in Grapeseed oil
(lightly to allow the entire nutrient profile to be digested)
2 Tbsp of grass-fed cow's butter stirred into the pasta when still warm.
Tbsp of white vinegar stirred in.
Fenugreek seeds and Turmeric sprinkled on top.

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Lovable Tea :)

Ah the art of tea. I love cold tea! I love hot tea! I love citrus tea! I love sweet tea! I love black tea, green tea, purple tea, red tea. Maybe there is a tea for each chakra! All in all, it doesn’t matter what the tea is, I will love me some tea! One thing that really steeps my tea (haha…ha) is cute pictures of cute tea! I hope you have some cute, lovable tea today!


When I was afraid for my health, I sucked down so much tea. You can have too much of a good thing. A little tea can go a long ways. Even if you are just microwaving some hot water, you get an instant hug. Space your tea out. Look forward to a tea. If you have it all the time, then it’s nothing special, nothing to love so much. Use your tea, don’t abuse your tea. I hope you have a wise week ❤

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Panoramas of VA Bike Trip

The plan was to get to Oregon within 3 months of beginning the Trans American Bike Trail. The reality was that my body needed more freedom than scaling the country on two or three or however many wheels. My “meat puppet” needed yoga and the infinite bounds that wringing yourself out provides. Until being able to connect through yoga photos, here are the epic Panoramas of Yorktown, VA to Pippa Passes, KY. If you are indoors, I hope these photos bring sunlight to you!




^ Vesuvius, VA




^ Almost to Blacksburg!!!


^ Sunset from beautiful Oshin’s beautiful balcony!!!



^ Paved switchbacks of hell.


^ One of these hills got speed over 40 mph.


^ A valley overlook at Breaks Interstate Park.


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Breathe and Believe

As the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives, the availability to vulnerability increases. We post things we end up regretting. We may find ourselves fearing the potential for negative response. We gotta keep shake shake shakin it off. If it is difficult to shake it, take notice of your breath and see how you may improve it. Get some fresh air! Get legs and get leaves!

Find ways to love yourself so much that even if you get ONLY negative responses, you know that you can still be okay. See only the beauty in the world around you, especially when others don’t. Recognize what you can be doing instead of feeling fearful or sad.


(I no longer juice, for the sake of fiber, but if you think you feel better juicing, then keep doing it! Do what you believe in, but be open to what others think helps them.)

Pick up crystals that you see in nature. Remind yourself of the love you gave yourself one day by walking in the woods. If you have allergies, intolerance, or food aversion, keeping the crystals nearby during a meal may lower your fear of eating. Although the healing mechanism of the crystal itself is very pseudoscientific ( ), if you believe they can potentially help, the neuroplasticity of your mind will respond accordingly.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.” Until next time ❤


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Fix your Qi, fix your Pain

If electro-therapy can cure, if food can cure, if meditation can cure, they must have a similar force, maybe relatable frequencies. Chinese medicine thinks of this energy as Qi (Kaptchuk, 2000), but modern science wants to understand more about it. Understanding how it feels is a really good step in the transition from overuse of modern medicine to balancing it with ancient methods.

This FDA approved heating and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field device, seems to stimulate our knee to opening up inactive areas; areas immobilized by our natural reactions to pain. We have proven sedentary life-styles to be harmful and cause us to be more vulnerable to disease (Denbow, 2014). It seems movement, temperature, and electromagnetic field frequencies provide similar ways of stimulus to bring energy from the diet into the area in need of healing.

(My Dad, reflecting amongst the wilderness of British Columbia).

When you are actively focusing on the present moment, you become more in tune with your perception of pain. You can structurally change your brain to enhance pain tolerance by weeding out any negativity that arises during mediation, while allowing only positive perception (Denbow, 2014). Stress can kill probiotics and enzymes, so meditation provides means for life to thrive (Denbow, 2014; Desbordes, 2011). Meditation can be guided with Tibetan singing bowls or frequency focused soundtracks.

And light therapy is great and all, but we can get a well rounded range of frequencies free from the sun (Denbow, 2014). Adding nutrients, probiotics, and meditation to the routine can compensate for any over exposure.


Denbow, Mike. (2013). Nuerochemical Regulations Lectures. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Denbow, Mike (2013). Chinese Medicine Lectures. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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Kaptchuk, T. (2000). The web that has no weaver: Understanding chinese medicine. (2nd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw Hill.near Bratina Island, Antarctica.Extremophiles, 12(5), 701-711.

Nanda. (2014, March 27). Lecture: Immunity to Microbes. Department of Biological Sciences. Virginia Tech.

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