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Hello!  My name is Marshall and I graduated in May of 2014 from Virginia Tech with a B.S. in Biological Sciences. I was originally a 2D artist looking at Medical Illustration Undergraduate programs. VT was the healthiest school I visited, so studying Biology there successfully molded a more meaningful art career into a business that I call Integrative Medical Communications Design. I have yet to yield money, but am steadily setting up the groundwork for a successful presentation to the public.

Integrative Medical Communications Design aims to concisely represent the most potent forms of medicine in hopes of integrating segregated, medical concepts. I would like to provide artistic visualizations that represent and illustrate ancient vs. modern, and invasive to preventative methods of treatment. Each piece of art will have a short description, or context, but individual interpretation will be valid, and hopefully provide a personalized reminder to help break an unhealthy habit and replace it with a healthy one.

yinyangimmunology (Li, Liwu. Professor of Immunology at VT)

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  1. Nancy Ingram

    I tried to “like” this but couldn’t without signing up, so here’s my “like” of your silly face!!

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