Hi! I’m Emma Rainey.

My goal on wordpress is to participate in dialogue that has minimal bias and closemindedness. Typically this means leaving your emotions at home and being able to understand both sides of many arguments. The reason for seeing the legitimacy of both sides allows for you to weigh enough options to come to the most sensible and relevant truth.

There is a time and place for emotion, like on a hike or during a run in a field or on a beach in the rain, somewhere where you have space from passing strong or negative emotion directly to another human, or when shit is stupid at your place of work. Let’s talk about the idiots who get mad at you because they have no way of suppressing emotion when they are confused. Instead of private therapy, lets get it all out, lets have every damn human talk to every other damn human about every damn thing so that one day we can come to some sort of understanding.

A little more about me and some of the topics i may focus on:

I am currently learning the art and science of French cooking in a professional environment for a living.  (It’s really cool and sucks giant balls all at the same time). This is to supplement my B.S. In Biological Sciences and help me gain a Masters Degree in Microbiology/Immunilogy (also really cool things that suck). I am very passionate about this topic because inflammation is the source of all disease and with the proper research, treatments can become more effective as we analyze the patterns on the spectrum of disease (more really cool, terrible things) . I am also a deticated gardener, pet owner, sister, aunt, daughter, and niece to a super cute and somewhat large predominantly European-American family.  The intense English presence in my genetic lineage is strange to me, so I’m looking for a respectful, smartworking, tall, strong, man who takes minimal medication and does not decend from England or France please.  Please. Thanks. Have fun on my websitelet.  Let’s argue about some shiiiiit.

yinyangimmunology (Li, Liwu. Professor of Immunology at VT)


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  1. Nancy Ingram

    I tried to “like” this but couldn’t without signing up, so here’s my “like” of your silly face!!

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