I have been an artist all of my life trying to foster the most integrative way of living.  The more I obeyed the school system and medical system, the less energy I was able to sustain.  I wasn’t trying to disobey, I just felt very pained by aspects of nature that I did not have access to experience, a sense of freedom, in what exact way I wasn’t sure of.  What I couldn’t even fathom being more than figurative or emotional pain became more and more physical.  Biology, and any other sciences are incredibly artistic fields to be a part of.  This section will look at Biology through the eyes of the traditionally defined Artist.  (All images created by Marshall Schools.  Please ask if you’d like to use any).

2rivah 295

Artists are well known for creating in bursts, being impulsive, and running around at the edges of the systems.  Being a child of a Lawyer and an Accountant, I love the systems; I believe that the U.S. Government is trying to do right by us.  The process of change at a systemic (medical term for a disease’s infiltration of a bodily system) or systematic level (more sociologically applicable) is at a slower pace than that of an individual (unit).  For the system to have less turbulence, lessons are always being learned.  Progress is always being made, constantly run by our curiosity of what an improvement can be.

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Curiosity is the strongest aspect of consciousness.  If we don’t know the outcome of something, it eats at us.  We crave to know.  We dare venture into the unknown.  Dare I say, curiosity killed the human, or in my case, made me some damaged goods.  But what is a personality without an edge?  The people who get along these days are those that learn to deal with the damage, so how are we going to learn to deal with the damage without getting damaged?  We have to be prepared to know that we will never know what is around that literal corner.

Photo on 2011-06-10 at 01.00

The only way someone can be tamed is if they figure out how to do it themselves.  People can’t be forced, they have to want to change.  What makes someone want to change more than the threat of death?  What makes people turn to religion?  Experiences.  Crazy, stupid experiences.  You can listen to your elders all you want, but just because you did, doesn’t make your new, young body feel the pain that made their words valid.  We wont make their mistakes exactly, but we are going to be curious until we literally FEEL wisdom running wild through our veins.

Captured on MOTOQA1

We crush and crumble ourselves when we feel healthy and good because we have the slack in our telomeric ropes.  We can afford an experience, because it is a learning experience.  We have to improve to survive.  Curiosity killed a lot of cats, but all of the cats are innately curious, the lucky ones just made mistakes that didn’t end up killing them.  We can’t avoid making mistakes entirely, because how will we get to pass on our genes or help others?  We have to step outside and risk being crushed.

misch 047

I’d like to risk pursuing my dream of being an Integrative Specialist.  I love connecting aspects of life to other aspects of life.  It would be nice to call it Integrative medicine, because to be healthy, one must live a well rounded life.  We get addicted to whatever it is we are exposed to the most.  Addictions can be people, places, substances, behaviors, words, ideas, feelings, anything!!!  We get used to things because we want stability.  We creatively try to find the calm amongst the chaos, so avoiding the chaos removes our creative edge, making us vulnerable to the simple essence of what change can be.  SHOCK!  The key aspects of my art were always contrast, I just never knew why until college.



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