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17 Reasons to Use Relay Foods

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To give you an idea of how well rounded of a mission Relay Foods has, here are some motivating reasons to try grocery shopping on  (Btw, I am not getting paid for this, I simply believe in Relay’s mission).   Relaying fresh products from local farmers and artisans to the city is the most efficient way to:


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1) Directly support and enhance your community.

2) Reduce those unnecessary, hungry-while-shopping items as you shop online for exactly what you need.

3) Practice and increase your capacity to organize and plan meals out for the week.

4) Stick to your health goals, especially with the online meal planning and recipe ordering features.

5) Enjoy high quality without having to go to specialty stores that hike up the prices.

6) Reduce germ transmission during traditional grocery cart and product handling.

7) Reduce unknowns about your product; learn about your local producers and Relay’s standards for selecting them.

8) Find items according to your dietary needs and restrictions through search results rather than roaming isles and doubling back.

9) Increase your body’s ability to adapt it’s immunity by balancing foreign input and local input.

10) Enjoy incredibly fresh produce.

11) Reduce food spoilage and waste in your own home and at the supply center.

12) Reduce controversial and illegal dumpster diving practices.

13) Reduce energy costs built into the price of your product.

14) Get a little fresh air while picking up your groceries.

15) Reduce carbon footprint.

16) Reduce smog in your community when you choose your most convenient day of the week and pick up location combo.

17) Find piece of mind as you participate in such a well rounded food movement.

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Relay Foods!

$30 Off a $50 Order!

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RelayTruckPicture(credit appears when $50 in basket)

Richmond, Charlottesville, VA, Washington DC, Baltimore, MD, Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC and surrounding areas.

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Highest quality, most sustainable, most convenient way to buy food. Seriously.

(You have pre-decided on your balanced meals from a wide range of options online.  All you have to do is pick up your minimally handled, well kept groceries).


5% off 2nd order “twice”

“chocolove” for a free chocolate bar

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15% off 4th order “love”

I believe in the mission of Relay Foods.  The younger generations will benefit greatly from this style of grocery shopping.  It is the most efficient way to simultaneously preserve food itself, enrich a community, and sustain the Earth’s resources. – Well, um, ME!


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Soul Pasta

Many people have aversions to foods and don’t know which ones, why, or how to get rid of them. Attitudes in the present moment can be caused by a certain food recently eaten that was also eaten during a particularly mind-shaping experience from our past. We naturally pair experiences together for the sake of learning and creating a future. If something of note happened during childhood, we’re prooobably not going to remember what we were eating at that time. If we eat new things, or eat with a new attitude, it could help us dissociate from past attachments.


We had a stressful bodily reaction for the sake of self preservation, and at the same time, certain molecules were incorporated into our cells from the foods eaten around that time. Far down the road we will eat a similar substance and have confusion and self doubt over misunderstood emotional responses. We can use this information to recognize which foods cause us changes in mood. We have an opportunity to blame a bad feeling on a food. We can recognize that this aversion is entirely unrelated to the present moment. We are no longer in danger, we have just been conditioned to create a fight-or-flight response. Once we completely detach our emotions from our food, we can use food simply as fuel once again.


Today, it is still difficult to eat things that you are no longer emotionally associating with. Many aspects of food production are not sustainable and can also cause a sense of guilt, deterrence, and distaste. The solution may simply be to involve yourself in some acts of sustainability and let go of everything else beyond your control. Keep sustainability in mind, but also keep yourself in mind. Maybe praying or celebrating your food with a song or photograph will allow a sense of relief to come over your soul and, therefore, your physical body.

Eat easy my friends. ❤

The pasta in the pictures include:
Explore Asian Black Bean Spaghetti
Shown is raw, but best would be lightly sautéed garlic, onion, and cumin seeds in Grapeseed oil
(lightly to allow the entire nutrient profile to be digested)
2 Tbsp of grass-fed cow's butter stirred into the pasta when still warm.
Tbsp of white vinegar stirred in.
Fenugreek seeds and Turmeric sprinkled on top.

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Blending vs Juicing


Juicing is great, it tastes better; it’s easier to swallow. But is it as effective? Is it as realistic for the average American? It may be too wasteful, especially on the wallet. Many people need more fiber, we really can’t get enough fiber. More of the plant would be utilized. Fiber assists the natural cleansing processes in the liver and kidneys and other organs. It gently stimulates the walls of digestive system, like a gentle massage.  It also acts as little toothbrushes.

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Extreme Hummus

Be careful, you might not ever buy branded hummus ever again. Maybe you will more accurately be able to taste the history of of the hummus and feel the medical benefits of the hummus.


2 cans black beans
like a bunch of turmeric
splashes of white vinegar, lemon juice, and Apple Cider Vinegar
dash o’ salt (preferably pink Himalayan)
I like to mix in whatever oils I have, a little of each; flax, hemp, grapeseed…
onions, garlic
Optional yet tasty:
pepper and mustard seed
capers, peppers


And dip any salt related veggie, so ALL OF THEM! Go for it.
Dat + Super Chocolate + Juice/tea (both coming soon) = lunch

Lets think about the cultural and medical history of hummus:’

Egyptian, Arabic, constantly evolving…
Iron, Vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6. Well rounded I’d say.
Versatile in a dip-able manner. Vegetarian.

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The Integrative Method

The Integrative Method

When we listen to the methods of healing by those observed before us, we learn survival.

Here I have Organic Black Bean Spaghetti by Explore Asian: Authentic Cuisine. It’s what you want on a clean diet and it tastes f*****g amazing and you don’t feel the need for more carbs or sugars. On top is an Indian-type sauce I have invented. I don’t measure anything, I just pour. So get your kitchen goggles on and just eye-ball it.

Fill up a pan on very low heat and taste when it is warm, but NEVER bubbling because we don’t want to ruin the nutrients, but we want our tummies to not have to work as hard during digestion. If it’s cold and you need to heal, more energy is going to digestion, where it is less needed.
Get your organic pumpkin
Italian herbs
Himalayan pink salt
Chili Powder
Neem powder (salt, honey and spicey to taste until the bitter is masked)
Cayenne Pepper
Curry or Turmeric
Dill weed

-Use whatever herbs really, but if you go with Neem be sure to balance out the taste.
-You can throw garlic and onion in there too!
-Don’t forget the FATS!!!!!! We need our Omegas (coconut oil, whatever sustainably sourced organic nut oil, if you get Red Palm Oil get Nutiva) You could also just buy the whole nut, ya nut!
-Chop up a fresh bell pepper and I have sprinkled cacao nibs on top or you can sprinkle on some flax seeds, or hemp seeds, or hydrated fenugreek seeds (just put them in water in a jar in your fridge).
En-freakin-joy my friends! ❤


February 23, 2014 · 6:51 am

The Skinny Bitch Un-which

I started eating the Jimmy John’s Vegetarian Un-which a lot because it is one of only fast food items that I can eat.  I realized it is a lot cheaper to buy all of the ingredients myself from the grocery store and jazz it up a bit!  I buy a head of organic lettuce so that the pieces are big enough to wrap around and rinse them before use.  Just set the lettuce down on a plate first and layer the organic tomato slices, cheese (I use about 5 slices of provolone or swiss), different kinds of mustard, italian seasoning, hummus, and alfalfa, radish or bean sprouts.  Sooo yummy, so refreshing.  It has cheese with protein to keep you full and fiber from all those veggies to counteract cheese-gut.

…..I no longer promote the use of dairy and non-organic produce.

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