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House Disasters

Over a year ago, there was a medium sized storm that hit a few places in Richmond hard and left the rest untouched. One of the places hit hard, was my art storage room.  I thought nature was forcing me to give up on my dream, then I realized it was just making me work harder for it.



My art was in this room:




Eight months later, a hot water pipe on the top floor busted loose and drenched the whole house in HOT water. More art that was stored in cardboard folders was lost. Pictures of this disaster coming soon.  My parents got their insurance money and rebuild the house twice. I was off at college, unaware of how much of my art and belongings were destroyed.  I was not included in the meetings regarding these disasters.


After all this, I’ve decided it would be best to keep art in proper containers and to use oil paints more often. I am trying to repurpose my family’s old frames, but taking apart these tightly bound frames really takes up some time. I need to buy the time to get originals into these frames, so they can be properly protected. Please let me know if you’d like to support my Integrative Medical Communications Design career. It will be well worth it!


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