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Soul Pasta

Many people have aversions to foods and don’t know which ones, why, or how to get rid of them. Attitudes in the present moment can be caused by a certain food recently eaten that was also eaten during a particularly mind-shaping experience from our past. We naturally pair experiences together for the sake of learning and creating a future. If something of note happened during childhood, we’re prooobably not going to remember what we were eating at that time. If we eat new things, or eat with a new attitude, it could help us dissociate from past attachments.


We had a stressful bodily reaction for the sake of self preservation, and at the same time, certain molecules were incorporated into our cells from the foods eaten around that time. Far down the road we will eat a similar substance and have confusion and self doubt over misunderstood emotional responses. We can use this information to recognize which foods cause us changes in mood. We have an opportunity to blame a bad feeling on a food. We can recognize that this aversion is entirely unrelated to the present moment. We are no longer in danger, we have just been conditioned to create a fight-or-flight response. Once we completely detach our emotions from our food, we can use food simply as fuel once again.


Today, it is still difficult to eat things that you are no longer emotionally associating with. Many aspects of food production are not sustainable and can also cause a sense of guilt, deterrence, and distaste. The solution may simply be to involve yourself in some acts of sustainability and let go of everything else beyond your control. Keep sustainability in mind, but also keep yourself in mind. Maybe praying or celebrating your food with a song or photograph will allow a sense of relief to come over your soul and, therefore, your physical body.

Eat easy my friends. ❤

The pasta in the pictures include:
Explore Asian Black Bean Spaghetti
Shown is raw, but best would be lightly sautéed garlic, onion, and cumin seeds in Grapeseed oil
(lightly to allow the entire nutrient profile to be digested)
2 Tbsp of grass-fed cow's butter stirred into the pasta when still warm.
Tbsp of white vinegar stirred in.
Fenugreek seeds and Turmeric sprinkled on top.


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Extreme Hummus

Be careful, you might not ever buy branded hummus ever again. Maybe you will more accurately be able to taste the history of of the hummus and feel the medical benefits of the hummus.


2 cans black beans
like a bunch of turmeric
splashes of white vinegar, lemon juice, and Apple Cider Vinegar
dash o’ salt (preferably pink Himalayan)
I like to mix in whatever oils I have, a little of each; flax, hemp, grapeseed…
onions, garlic
Optional yet tasty:
pepper and mustard seed
capers, peppers


And dip any salt related veggie, so ALL OF THEM! Go for it.
Dat + Super Chocolate + Juice/tea (both coming soon) = lunch

Lets think about the cultural and medical history of hummus:

Egyptian, Arabic, constantly evolving…
Iron, Vitamin C, folate, vitamin B6. Well rounded I’d say.
Versatile in a dip-able manner. Vegetarian.

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