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Blending vs Juicing


Juicing is great, it tastes better; it’s easier to swallow. But is it as effective? Is it as realistic for the average American? It may be too wasteful, especially on the wallet. Many people need more fiber, we really can’t get enough fiber. More of the plant would be utilized. Fiber assists the natural cleansing processes in the liver and kidneys and other organs. It gently stimulates the walls of digestive system, like a gentle massage.  It also acts as little toothbrushes.



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The Skinny Bitch Un-which

I started eating the Jimmy John’s Vegetarian Un-which a lot because it is one of only fast food items that I can eat.  I realized it is a lot cheaper to buy all of the ingredients myself from the grocery store and jazz it up a bit!  I buy a head of organic lettuce so that the pieces are big enough to wrap around and rinse them before use.  Just set the lettuce down on a plate first and layer the organic tomato slices, cheese (I use about 5 slices of provolone or swiss), different kinds of mustard, italian seasoning, hummus, and alfalfa, radish or bean sprouts.  Sooo yummy, so refreshing.  It has cheese with protein to keep you full and fiber from all those veggies to counteract cheese-gut.

…..I no longer promote the use of dairy and non-organic produce.

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